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Rôzne LCD projekty


http://www.harbaum.org/till/lcd2usb/ - LCD2USB

LCD2USB is a open source/open hardware project. The goal of LCD2USB is to connect HD44780 based text LCD displays to various PCs via USB. LCD2USB was meant to be cheap and to be made of easily available parts. It is therefore based on the Atmel AVR Mega8 CPU and does not require any difficult to obtain parts like separate USB controllers and the like. The total cost (without display and pcb) are about 5 to 10 Euros. LCD2USB currently comes with a simple demo application that works under Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

Projekty na Linuxfocus.org

http://www.linuxfocus.org/English/March2003/article286.shtml - Linux USB LCD display with watchdog and buttons
http://www.linuxfocus.org/English/May2002/article236.shtml - A LCD control panel for your Linux server


http://ssl.bulix.org/projects/lcd4linux/ - LCD4Linux

LCD4Linux is a small program that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on an external liquid crystal display.


http://lcdproc.org/ - LCDProc - displays real-time system information from your Linux/BSD box on a LCD

LCDproc is a piece of software that displays real-time system information from your Linux/*BSD box on a LCD. The server supports several serial devices: Matrix Orbital, CrystalFontz, Bayrad, LB216, LCDM001 (kernelconcepts.de), Wirz-SLI, Cwlinux(.com) and PIC-an-LCD; and some devices connected to the LPT port: HD44780, STV5730, T6963, SED1520 and SED1330. Various clients are available that display things like CPU load, system load, memory usage, uptime, and a lot more.

LCD Raptor

http://www.retechnologies.org/projects/lcdraptor.php - LCD Raptor - XMMS plugin that displays song information

LCD Raptor - XMMS plugin that displays song information, playing time, and visualization bars on an LCD screen via LCDproc. Supports all 20x4 character LCDs supported by the LCDproc project.

LCD Smartie

http://lcdsmartie.sourceforge.net/ - LCD Smartie is software for Windows

Hello and welcome to the LCD Smartie site. LCD Smartie is software for Windows that you can use to show lots of different types of information on your LCD/VFD. It supports LCD/VFD's with a Hitachi HD44780 Controller, a Matrix Orbital Serial/USB LCD, Crystalfontz Serial/USB LCD, Seetron Serial LCD/VFD, IRTrans driven VFDs, SoundGraph iMON VFDs, and PalmOS devices (when used with PalmOrb).

LCD modules




The USBLCD is a small interface board which allows you to connect an alphanumerical display module based on the HD44780 or compatible controller to the USB. The display will be powered by the USB.Mounting the USBLCD is easy. It is plugged into the back of the display module with a connector.

The size of the USBLCD is only 49x27mm, so tiny that it can even hide behind a 16 X 2 character module. There are many uses for it. Whether as a status display for a server,a song display for your MP3-Player or a connection display for your embedded router, possibilities are unlimited. An LCD display can be especially valuable for servers and embedded systems which are operated without a monitor.

The backlight of the display module can be switched on and off by software. Contrast can be adjusted by a pot on the back of the USBLCD.

USBLCD and display module can be bought together - then hardware installation is as easy as plugging in an USB-plug. Display and USBLCD only need to be fitted with the case. Choose from 16 X 2, 16 X 4 oder 20 X 4 character display modules. All include a LED-Backlight.

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